Uchiotoshi - The Lost Kata

Uchiotoshi - The Lost Kata 打 落

Extracted from Jodo Kyohan by Shimizu Takaji

Translated by Andy Watson, Ryoshinkan Dojo, UK

Translators note:

Uchiotoshi is included in a section called “Special Techniques” at the end of the Omote section of the Jodo Kyohan. It appears alongside Suigetsu and Shamen which went onto be included in the ZNKR Seitei Jodo curriculum.

Based on the photographic illustrations from the book, it appears that Uchi assumes seigan kamae directly from taito shisei (sword held sheathed at hip), therefore there is no hasso kamae and no confrontational approach as is usual with the other kata. Its commencement resembles the distance and position to initiate Sotai Dosa. How this technique is performed repeatedly is not made clear, it is possible that its non-inclusion to the ZNKR Seitei Jodo set indicates that it was a working concept rather than a completely formalised kata.


This technique involves striking the opponents sword down from a chudan position with a reverse hand strike followed by a strike to the face.

1. Uchi – Enter into distance and assume seigan no kamae.

Shi – Wait in tsune no kamae

2. Shi – Grasp the end of the jo with the left hand in a reverse grip; with a large step forwards with the right foot strike Uchi’s sword down in a reverse strike.

Uchi – As the sword is struck move the right foot back

3. Shi – Release the left thumb while taking full length of the jo.

4. Shi – While stepping the left foot forwards strike honte to Uchi’s face. Show zanshin and perform osame jo.

Uchi – At the moment honte uchi is delivered move the left foot back and assume kamae-o-toku.