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Member grading passes 2019:

  • Oliver Jarvis - 5th dan Iaido

  • Pavla Stepanova - 5th dan Iaido



Congratulations to Harry Jones and Kotaro Ishido on passing 7th dan Jodo, Aurelien Nacrour on passing 6th dan Jodo and Ed Lief on passing 4th dan in both Iaido and Jodo.


Very nice iaido seminar hosted in Madrid, Spain by Sangakukai. Amazing traditional karate dojo as venue. Some professionally taken photographs can be found here: Seminario Andy Watson sensei 2020


Gergely Vass and his dojo Hirabu are made members of Ryoshinkan Dojo at the March Byfleet Session.


We go into lockdown for a loooong time but thanks to Zoom we are able to train pretty intensely for the next few months.


Gradually, Kashiwa and Ryoshinkan are able to go back to normal training with COVID measures in place.

Ishido Kotaro Sensei passes his iaido 7th dan. Photo here


Eimeikan launch their website and return to dojo training.



William Heal achieves 4th dan Jodo at the BKA spring seminar


Pavel Tomes achieves 5th dan iaido at the Magglingen Iaido Seminar

Andy Watson and Harry Jones are awarded Jodo Kyoshi


British Kendo Association Iaido and Jodo Summer Seminar:

Piotr Urbanek achieves 5th dan iaido

Paweł Brzeziński achieves 5th dan iaido

William Heal achieves 5th dan iaido

Abdul Oyede achieves 4th dan jodo


Harry Jones achieves 7th dan iaido at the European Iaido Championships in Modena.

European Jodo Championships in Stevenage:

Piotr Urbanek achieves 6th dan

Daniel Silk achieves 6th dan

Oliver Jarvis achieves 5th dan

Pavel Tomes achieves 4th dan