Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is iaido:

Iaido is a Japanese martial art focused on the quick-draw of the sword in a combative encounter where usually both the exponent and opponent both still have their swords sheathed. Most of the training is performed as a solo form-based exercise. Iaido is similar to the stereotype of the Western gunslinger where the first person to draw successfully survives.

2. What is jodo:

Jodo is the Japanese martial art of stick fighting utilizing a 4-foot (125cm) wooden staff. Most of the training is performed as a paired form-based exercise with the exponent using the jo and the opponent using a wooden sword to simulate a real katana.

3. How much does iaido and jodo training cost:

Our fees consist of dojo membership and British Kendo Association membership

    • Dojo membership £25 per month
    • British Kendo Association membership approximately £45 per year

4. What equipment and clothing will I need to start iaido and jodo:

In the first few months you will only need loose training trousers and a t-shirt. You will need to buy knee pads for your first training session (we recommend something like these ones https://www.ninecircles.co.uk/iaido/iaido-accessories/general/deluxe-iaido-knee-pads/ ). All other equipment we will lend you for the first three months.

5. What will I need to buy if I really want to continue iaido and jodo training:

    • After a few months you will want to buy the formal training wear. This consists of a jacket (haori), pleated trousers (hakama) and a belt (obi). A basic set of these clothes will cost around £130 although we may be able to arrange a discount for you with certain suppliers.
    • To buy a metal training sword (iaito or mogito) for iaido will cost you around £330.
    • To buy a wooden jo and bokuto (sword) for jodo will cost you around £50.

6. Ok, how do I start training iaido and jodo:

We would like you to come and watch a training session first. Contact us here: https://www.ryoshinkan.org/contact-us and we can arrange a viewing session. After that you can take out 3-month temporary membership with the BKA which will only cost £10. Your first month's training is free.